mipylib.plotlib.miplot.boxplot(x, sym=None, positions=None, widths=None, color=None, showcaps=True, showfliers=True, showmeans=False, meanline=False, boxprops=None, medianprops=None, meanprops=None, whiskerprops=None, capprops=None, flierprops=None)

Make a box and whisker plot.

Make a box and whisker plot for each column of x or each vector in sequence x. The box extends from lower to upper quartile values of the data, with a line at the median. The whiskers extend from the box to show the range of the data. Flier points are those past the end of the whiskers.

  • x – (Array or a sequence of vectors) The input data.

  • sym – (string) The default symbol for flier points. Enter an empty string (‘’) if you don’t want to show fliers. If None, then the fliers default to ‘b+’ If you want more control use the flierprops kwarg.

  • positions – (array_like) Sets the positions of the boxes. The ticks and limits are automatically set to match the positions. Defaults to range(1, N+1) where N is the number of boxes to be drawn.

  • widths – (scalar or array_like) Sets the width of each box either with a scalar or a sequence. The default is 0.5, or 0.15*(distance between extreme positions), if that is smaller.

  • color – (Color) Color for all parts of the box plot. Defaul is None.

  • showcaps – (boolean) Show the caps on the ends of whiskers. Default is True.

  • showfliers – (boolean) Show the outliers beyond the caps. Defaul is True.

  • showmeans – (boolean) Default is False. Show the mean or not.

  • meanline – (boolean) Default is False. If True (and showmeans is True), will try to render the mean as a line spanning. Otherwise, means will be shown as points.

  • boxprops – (dict) Specifies the style of the box.

  • medianprops – (dict) Specifies the style of the median.

  • meanprops – (dict) Specifies the style of the mean.

  • whiskerprops – (dict) Specifies the style of the whiskers.

  • capprops – (dict) Specifies the style of the caps.

  • flierprops – (dict) Specifies the style of the fliers.


data = []
for i in range(6):
title('Box plot demo')