mipylib.plotlib.miplot.imshow(*args, **kwargs)

Display an image on the axes.

  • X – (array_like) 2-D or 3-D (RGB or RGBA) image value array or BufferedImage.

  • levs – (array_like) Optional. A list of floating point numbers indicating the level curves to draw, in increasing order.

  • cmap – (string) Color map string.

  • colors – (list) If None (default), the colormap specified by cmap will be used. If a string, like ‘r’ or ‘red’, all levels will be plotted in this color. If a tuple of matplotlib color args (string, float, rgb, etc), different levels will be plotted in different colors in the order specified.


(Image graphic) Image graphic created from array data.


f = addfile('D:/Temp/nc/')
u = f['u'][4,:,:]
layer = imshow(u, 20)
title('Cone amplitude - imshow')